Friendly Fire – US Kills Brits in Iraq – Leaked Video

February 8, 2007

How can this kind of stuff leak ????? This was leaked on purpose. No?
From the guy who posted this on Youtube: “This is the clip that has been leaked which shows a US plane shooting british soldiers on the ground killing and wounding one. THE SOUND IS DELAYED, PLEASE READ SUBTITLES.”


Interesting View on the Israel-Liban War

August 10, 2006

George Galloway, if you want to learn more about this guy.

Great Refreshing Jazz; Jamie Cullum

August 10, 2006


Charles, Prince of Whales,…….. is gay!

July 11, 2006

Anyone that has watched the Daily Show or the Colbert Report knows that Stephen Colbert will manage to keep from breaking out in laughter no matter how funny the story. His deadpan delivery makes everything funny. But with all the talk of the queen, sexual innuendo, and a banana, he just couldn’t keep it together in this one!

Video: Funny; How to sell your ideas to VCs, by Ali G

April 6, 2006

BBC’s Alan Partridge

November 11, 2005

This guy is just freaking hilarious. Not politically correct, totally absurd, dark, sarcastic and British.
You can click here for a couple of excellent clips:

Here are some Alan Partridge Hot Topics:
Who is the best Lord?
– Lord of the Rings
– Lord of the Dance
– Lord of the Flies
The avalanche of strong opinion included: "Well I enjoyed the Hobbit more than Riverdance and I think lots of boys on an island killing a fat boy is not so enjoyable as Gandalf with a long white beard." Well said that caller.
Which is the most effective shape of tea bag?
– Pyramid
– Circular
– Square

His page on the BBC; (plenty of video clips, audio clips and pictures… really excellent)