My Shanghai trip

May 19, 2007

A great city. Was only there for 4 days. The city feels like NY city mixed with Blade Runner.


All my pics are here.


California Road Trip; Our Top Ten

September 30, 2006

#10 Malibu: Getty Villa

“The Getty Villa is an educational center and museum dedicated to the study of the arts and cultures of ancient Greece, Rome, and Etruria.”

We were not sure we would stop by. The guide talked about reserving 3 weeks before hand (even though the visit was free). It even sounded a bit kitsch “Roman Villa Reproduction”???. But we had enjoyed the Getty Center (see below) SO much..that we turned right from Pacific Coast Highway at the last second, almost made the car behind crash into us… A Bentley and a Rolls Royce in front of us made us smile and wonder if we would be able to go in. The security guy asked if we had tickets…. I said: “no”. Then he asked were we were from… I said: “France”. He yanked 2 ruffled tickets out of his shirt pocket and with a big smile said: “Enjoy your visit!” We really did. (wikipedia) Getty Villa, Our photos and a short movie below.

#9 Berkley: Taste Restaurant\Wine Bar

Our Lonely Planet guide said the food was the only reason to visit Berkley…. it was right. We wanted to go to Chez Panisse but it was full till 10.30pm. Since we didn’t have that much time we went to a resto close by. We usually kept to the guide for restaurant choices… but we risked it and were not disappointed. The best food we had on our trip. Taste was a mix of French, Mediterrean and Californian cuisine.

#8 Santa Barbara

Beyond what the name conjures up; TV shows, Soap Operas, rich & famous, retired people from LA… we loved this city: great shopping, beautiful flowers\trees\plants and people watching on State Street, many Mexican reminders everywhere. The restaurant with the best atmosphere and great harbor view; Brophy Brothers Restaurant and Clam Bar. Our photos,

#7 Pigeon Point

A nice little spot suggested by Zu. It had this kind of romantic-horror movie atmosphere. Very calming, yet intense. A bit Hitchkocky. You could stare at the ocean, the fog, the waves, the pelicans flying by and the lazy seals on their rocks for a long time.

#6 Santa Cruz Sea Lions

#5 Organic Strawberries

From Santa Cruz to San-Francisco we saw many of these Organic\No Spray road side produce vendors. Reminded me of “l’ile d’Orléans” à Québec. We just had to stop.

These were the best strawberries I ever tasted. Actually, all the fruits we had there were delicious. The morning orange juices were also incredibly tasty. As if I had never had real orange juice before.

#4 Pacific Cost Highway

Beautiful drive! Breath-taking roads and views. It was often hard to drive and try to look at the sea and the cliffs. Many available “view points” make it easy to stop and take in the beauty of it all. Being next to the sea imposes a certain life perspective, makes you remember how small you are…. a very relaxing feeling.

#3 Venice Beach

One of the “poems” that had it’s beginning on this beach was The Doors “Hello, I Love You,” (1965) which was inspired by a young, tall, thin black girl who was walking towards Jim as he sat on a Venice Beach bench.

Sidewalk crouches at her feet
Like a dog that begs for something sweet
Do you hope to make her see, you fool?
Do you hope to pluck this dusky jewel?

#2 San-Francisco

This is the US I love. It’s hard to precisely explain why. It’s multicultural, beautiful, friendly, intense cultural scene, environment friendly, tech friendly…. I think this is what we all imagine when we think of the US. Not the Bush US, but the intello, left wing, socialist, French loving America ;)

In this 10 minute montage of a bunch of clips I did during our 2 days in SF you’ll see: steep hills, cable car, Union Square, The Mission, Racist War!, Castro, Indians secretly filmed on the bus and downtown atmosphere. Enjoy!

#1 LA: Getty Center

Modern architecture and gardens.

What a place! We only spent a couple of hours at The Getty. We would have spent easily a full day. It’s the only attraction that would bring me back to LA. It’s on top a hill and you need to take a train shuttle to get there. Once there you are surprised by the modernity and beauty of it all. Everything feels right. All the material used, the spaces, the buildings, nature… it’s all extremely well thought of. Walking and visiting it seems natural. Everything just seems to flow right.

Thanks to JR, Steve, Kristian, Pat and Zu for your great suggestions. We didn’t get to visit everything…I guess we’ll just have to go back ;)

Funny; wink wink honk honk

July 7, 2006

Below is a funny post from an Aussie looking for  a “travel partner”

Hi all you rockin’ dudes and dudettes out there,

Never fear party man is here!

Me name is Mick (people call me Moose for short) and I’m just ya standard Aussie bloke. No hair gell or eye wrinkle cream for me ya nancies moo ha ha! I kill me!

Anyway, cuttin a long story short, I’m just on ere wonderin if theres any sheilas that might wanna join just ya typical Aussie guy on some trips in/on Europe. I’ve come over to the ‘Mother Land’ on me own after splittin up with me missus of ten years back home (I’m 24) and reckon its ’bout time to party party party. I love goin to Aussie theme pubs and gettin down and dirty to all kinds of tunes – Tom Jones is awesome and so is Jo. (Cocker that is Moo ha ha!).

I want to go to France, Italy, Spain and probably Amsterdan (wink wink honk honk) and reckon probably a couple of days in each will do the trick. If anyone else knows any other good countries in Europe might as well give em a go, I’m easy anyway.

Basically if ya keen and cool call me.

PS – no party poopers need apply! Chicks only, no older than 21. Thanks. See ya when I’m lookin at ya.

Hey to everyone back home in Tassie


Merci Achou!

Hungarian vs other languages

July 3, 2006


If you read the above text in the square…. can you tell which one is in Hungarian?

San-Francisco. I did leave my heart there ;)

June 23, 2006

I just came back from a week in San-Francisco. What a city! I have to say it must be one the coolest cities I have ever had the chance to visit. It actually felt like Montreal but with a great climate and a beautiful bay setting. It has the same relaxed, open, multicultural atmosphere. Gay pride parade is actually this weekend …too bad I’m missing it. I can only imagine the party. I have dozens of movies that I will post when I come back from my vacation in Croatia. Meanwhile you can enjoy more pics here.


Here are the lyrics to the famous song: I Left My Heart In San Francisco, by Frank Sinatra.

I saw the picture of Andre The Giant on a parking meter… I had NO idea what this was. But I just had to take a picture. It’s actually an art movement. Via Wikipedia


Cheval au galop… marée du Mt St-Michel

June 5, 2006

Voici un petit clip qui montre la vitesse à laquelle l’eau peut monter en face du Mt St-Michel. C’est pas vraiment le cheval au galop, comme l'a dit Victor Hugo, mais c’est quand même TRÈS vite.

Le Mont St-Michel

June 5, 2006

Les autres photos de notre weekend sont ici.

Un weekend sublime avec la gang à Mireille et Jean-Pierre :)