Cock Blocking in Action

November 30, 2006

On sort Part 3 –

Cock Blocking in Action

On voit dans ce clip des Têtes à Claques… un exemple parfait d’une tentative de “Pure Cock Blocking”.

Some of you may recognise yourselves.


Têtes à Claques à TVA

October 9, 2006


Update de Youtube:

This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner TVA Group Inc. because its content was used without permission

Funny! KFC – PFK Kid

October 4, 2006

Extrait de Pea Soup, premier documentaire (1979) de Pierre Falardeau et Julien Poulin. En vedette, un p’tit gars de Montréal qui en dit long en échange d’un sceau de Poulet Frit Kentucky.

The Globe and Mail on the “Defense”

September 21, 2006

Jan Wong : Le Globe and Mail se défend | Société |

What a bunch of loosers. Even Harper’s on “our side”.


Montréal Shootings….Because of Bill 101?

September 18, 2006

An article in the Globe and Mail “Get Under The Desk

This week, Montrealers were asking: Why us? Youths elsewhere in Canada are addicted to violent video games. Youths elsewhere in Canada live in soul-less suburbs. Youths elsewhere are alienated and into Goth culture. Yet while there have been similar high-school tragedies, all three rampages at Canadian postsecondary institutions occurred here, not in Toronto, or Vancouver or Halifax or Calgary.

“A lot of people are saying: Why does this always happen in Quebec?” says Jay Bryan, a business columnist for the Montreal Gazette, the city’s only English-language daily. “Three doesn’t mean anything. But three out of three in Quebec means something.”

What many outsiders don’t realize is how alienating the decades-long linguistic struggle has been in the once-cosmopolitan city. It hasn’t just taken a toll on long-time anglophones, it’s affected immigrants, too. To be sure, the shootings in all three cases were carried out by mentally disturbed individuals. But what is also true is that in all three cases, the perpetrator was not pure laine, the argot for a “pure” francophone. Elsewhere, to talk of racial “purity” is repugnant. Not in Quebec.

Woo! I know I know… this IS the Globe and Mail. I should treat this as when the National Enquirer shows Bush talking with UFOS…But WOW! I’m speechless. “Decades-long linguistic struggle”. “Once-cosmopolitan city” Can someone help me understand this? Who’s struggle has it been? Ouch! I mean! I really need to sit down with some poor Montréal Anglo and understand their struggle. It must be hard to be surrounded by 325 million English speaking people. I think I will pray so that Ratzinger makes a new “faux pas” and quotes Durham’s report to let people know what we really are in Quebec.

Merci à Alain!

CowboyGroove; Une toute dernière de John the Wolf

August 22, 2006

CowboyGroove_JeanLeclerc.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)

Can Quebec Make it Alone ?

July 11, 2006

If Switzerland and Finland can make it…Quebec is next to the US. Plenty of Natural resources. Montréal among top North American cities for university students per capita. Large pool of talent: 23,000 in the biopharmaceutical sector, 10,000 researchers in public research, 5,000 new graduates per year in biopharma… Scare tactics!

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