Superbe projection lumineuse à Budapest.

January 14, 2007

J’ai filmé ca lors de nos vacances de Noel en Hongrie.

Budapest light projections by

light projections budapest

budapest parlement

This is the Hungarian parlement in Budapest.


Hungarian Bridge Named After…. Chuck Norris ??

September 16, 2006

Hungarian vs other languages

July 3, 2006


If you read the above text in the square…. can you tell which one is in Hungarian?

Prime Minister’s blog….

April 11, 2006

The Hungarian Prime minister's blog. Innovative!

Unicum: next time you visit Hungary

March 6, 2006

Also called the "Hungarian National Accelerator", Unicum is a bitter herbal liquer drunk mostly in Hungary. It's a secret recipe of 40 herbal ingredients.

Smells like a hospital corridor, and as bitter as cold winter's night!

The best stomach-strengthening liquor!

Considered a tonic, and is therapeutic for a great many ailments.