Working at Google… what is it like?

March 7, 2006

If they made this recruiting video,,, its getting hard to hire. Did anyone say union?

A partial list of Google’s “I bet you don’t have that where you work” benefits include:
-Flex hours for nearly every professional employee
-Casual dress everyday (and this goes well beyond business casual)
-Employees can bring their dogs to work, everyday
-On-site physician
-On-site dental care
-Health benefits that begin as soon as an employee reports for work
-Free massage and yoga
-Shoreline running trails
-Stock options everywhere
-Free drinks and snacks everywhere (espresso, smoothies, red bull, health drinks, kombucha tea, you name it)
-Free meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner (some have described this as a feast with multiple locations and world-class chefs, including one that cooked for the Grateful Dead)
-Three weeks’ vacation during the first year
-Free recreation everywhere, including video games, foosball, volleyball and pool tables
-Valet parking for employees
-Onsite car wash and detailing
-Maternity and parental leave (plus new moms and dads are able to expense up to $500 for take-out meals during the first four weeks that they are home with their new baby)
-Employee referral bonus program
-Near site child care center
-Back-up child care for parents when their regularly scheduled child care falls through
-Free shuttle service to several San Francisco and East and South Bay locations (San Francisco is 45 miles away from the main campus)
-Fuel efficiency vehicle incentive program ($5,000 assistance if you buy a hybrid)
-Onsite dry cleaning, plus a coin-free laundry room
-A Friday TGIF all-employee gathering where the founders frequently speak
-A 401k investment program
-A “no tracking of sick days” policy
-Employee interest groups (formed by Google employees, these are all over the map and are said to include Buffy fans, cricketers, Nobel prize winners, and a wine club)
-An onsite gym to work off all of the snacks

(list taken from here)


Q&A with America’s Army free online game…..

November 15, 2005

I guess it makes sense. Does it?
But it’s still very weird.
If they recruit in shopping malls and at county fairs… why not the internet? Very young kids will be playing this game. I’m not sure we would approve if we saw America’s Army in front of the Toys R Us.

Extracts from their QA page:
Q: Why are you doing the game?
A: … it is part of the Army's communications strategy…The Army's game is an entertaining way for young adults to explore the Army and its adventures and opportunities as a virtual Soldier.

Q: Is this a recruiting tool?
A: … it provides young adults and their influencers with virtual insights about the Army…

Q: Does the game encourage players to kill other game players?
A: Violence merely for the sake of violence is not part of the Army and therefore is not rewarded within the game.

Q: At one stage of the game, players are instructed on the fundamentals of basic rifle marksmanship. Does this teach young adults how to shoot a weapon?
A: …there is no way that manipulating a keyboard and mouse, as players do in the Army's game, can provide vital cues on key elements of marksmanship…

Q: How do I initiate contact with an Army Recruiter?
A: … game there are web links through which players can connect to the Army of One homepage.

Q: Could someone learn to save a life with the Medics module?
A: …players are learning some basics of lifesaving.

Le principe de neutralité des agents du service public en France

July 13, 2005

La femme s’est vu infliger une exclusion de travail pour un an… car elle portait son foulard islamique dans le cadre de son job dans la fonction publique.

« … Considérant qu'il résulte de ce qui vient d'être dit que le fait, pour un agent public, quelles que soient ses fonctions, de manifester dans l'exercice de ces dernières ses croyances religieuses, notamment en portant un signe destiné à marquer son appartenance à une religion, constitue un manquement à ses obligations professionnelles et donc une faute ….»
Jugement complet: La cité – Sources juridiques

Serais-ce la même chose pour le turban, la croix chrétienne, le kippot juif ? Ou l’actualité pousse à de l’exagération ?

Est-ce moi………….. ? Il me semble que je peux faire la différence entre le look d’une personne et ses actes. Je comprends que cette sanction est légale en France. Mais est-elle vraiment juste. Je ne comprends pas l’objectif d’une telle loi.

Je ne comprends pas pourquoi ceci peu diminuer le service que la personne m’offre. La qualité du service peut en être diminuée SI et seulement SI;
un : la personne religieuse a un comportement dérangeant venant de ses sentiments religieux.
deux : la personne qui reçoit le service est offusquée\mal à l’aise par cette marque d’appartenance religieuse.

Dans le cas de mon exemple un le service n’est pas de qualité….. easy call. Mais ce qui, je pense, est à la base des problèmes ici est le deux. Si on veut garder l’intolérance alors tout est beau comme maintenant. Sinon il y a un sérieux problème de tolérance.

Si vous avez des suggestions… commentaires… pour m’aider à comprendre. Car je pige tout simplement pas.