Funny Indian Condom Ad

November 6, 2007

Un aperçu ….. :)



Joost. Free Internet TV by the Skype Team. Bingo!

April 7, 2007

Used to be called the ” The Venice Project”

It’s as cool as the ad makes it out to be. I’m now testing the beta version; Braindead, Alliance Atlantis Sci-Fi, Gamestar TV, Bridezillas, Warner Bros. Records, and World Poker Tour are all accessible on Joost, with more channels being added every day. There is also chat, IM, and searching capabilities. They even have a Bollywood channel :) (a total of 26 channels at the moment)

Not sure how to invite more people to test this… I have 0 invites left. Let me know if you are interested and when I can invite people I’ll let you know.

More info via Wikipedia here.

Hillary Clinton Meets Apple & 1984

March 23, 2007

Models; Before and after Photoshop … impressive

October 18, 2006

Light-Up Your Clothes.

September 9, 2006

New Nintendo Console; Wii

August 7, 2006

If it works as well as it’s shown here….very cool. Here’s how it works.

San-Francisco. I did leave my heart there ;)

June 23, 2006

I just came back from a week in San-Francisco. What a city! I have to say it must be one the coolest cities I have ever had the chance to visit. It actually felt like Montreal but with a great climate and a beautiful bay setting. It has the same relaxed, open, multicultural atmosphere. Gay pride parade is actually this weekend …too bad I’m missing it. I can only imagine the party. I have dozens of movies that I will post when I come back from my vacation in Croatia. Meanwhile you can enjoy more pics here.


Here are the lyrics to the famous song: I Left My Heart In San Francisco, by Frank Sinatra.

I saw the picture of Andre The Giant on a parking meter… I had NO idea what this was. But I just had to take a picture. It’s actually an art movement. Via Wikipedia