Funny Indian Condom Ad

Un aperçu ….. :)



8 Responses to Funny Indian Condom Ad

  1. harry says:

    good one

  2. jach says:

    ur website is good got any real life pics i have

  3. bradley says:

    i like men do u i like a big dick im my ass

  4. big dick says:

    i have a gigantic dick.

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  6. Malvika Sandhu says:

    People feel shy to go to the chemist counter and ask for condoms or they would generally go to the shop when no-one is around and then raise a eyebrow or tap something to signal for condom.
    An interesting idea would be to buy it online and the package comes in well packaged box. The same has been well handled by . They have huge variety of condoms and also ship in well packaged boxes.

  7. Vinayak says:

    IMHO, the best website to buy condoms in India is Not only do they sell almost every brand but they also put a lot of effort in educating users about Condoms/Vibrators/Female Condoms through How to Use Videos.

  8. kurt says:


    […]Funny Indian Condom Ad « Le Blog à Vincent\’s Blog[…]…

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