Bayer Exposed ( HIV contaminated vaccine )

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  1. Antoine says:

    Tchèque-le qui chiale déjà contre la concurrence…

  2. Ian G says:

    As a medical professional I need to clarify for you that this was NOT a vaccine that was contaminated at Bayer.

    Instead, this was a drug that was produced from human blood, apparently including blood from people infected with HIV. Human blood is the only potentially safe source of this drug, that is, if the human blood is verified to be free of HIV and other diseases, which should have been done by Bayer.

    This is a classic problem for hemophiliacs, and is why they were one of the first populations to be hit hard by AIDS, including gay men.

    Sorry for the lecture, but I feel it is my responsibility to set the record straight. The medical details here are very important to keep straight so that people don’t get confused by the terminology.


  3. Vincent says:

    Thx for the clarification.
    But why did they send it to EU once they knew it was infected with HIV ? ( I just want to make sure people know Bayer is a BAD company :P )

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