Iraq: Plus de 650 000 morts depuis 2003

Depuis mars 2003, au moment où les forces américano-britanniques entreprenaient l’invasion de l’Irak, jusqu’à l’été 2006, la guerre en Irak est responsable de la mort de plus de 650 000 civils.

C’est ainsi 2,5 % de la population irakienne qui est morte en raison d’un conflit destiné, selon le président américain George W. Bush, à pacifier l’Irak.

THIS IS INCREDIBLE! Is this for real? This reinforces my belief that one country should not mingle in the affairs of another one. Not for human rights reasons, not for economic reasons, not for dictatorship reasons, NO REASON is good to think your way is better then theirs. 800 000 were killed in Rwanda in 1994.
This is from Wikipedia:

Iraq was historically known as Mesopotamia, which literally means “between the rivers” in Greek. This land was home to the world’s first civilization, the Sumerian culture, followed by the Akkadian, Babylonian, and Assyrian cultures, whose influence extended into neighboring regions as early as 5000 BC.

I’m dumfounded! Sad! Mad! Furious! Angry! Fuming!



Is the picture below ironic……………or what?


If you want more of these pictures, just click here.

21 Responses to Iraq: Plus de 650 000 morts depuis 2003

  1. concerned says:

    wow that is redficulous
    people should be ashamed of themselves hurting people and children like that!!!!!!!!

  2. Adam says:

    “THIS IS INCREDIBLE! Is this for real? This reinforces my belief that one country should not mingle in the affairs of another one. Not for human rights reasons, not for economic reasons, not for dictatorship reasons, NO REASON is good to think your way is better then theirs. 800 000 were killed in Rwanda in 1994.”

    This reinforces your beliefs that no country should mingle in affairs of another one, for no reasons? Its sad that many people have died in a modern day war, but maybe you have heard of world war 2 where 62 MILLION people died, most of them non military.

    If America did not go to war, how many would have died?
    I am not saying this is a good war, but you make no sense yourself. The picture you find ironic is an American Soldier holding a hurt or dead child, the ironic thing is he was more than likely killed by one of his own in a suicide attempt aimed at civilians. Which i am sure created that pool of water and blood up top. You use a lot of adjectives to describe your feelings, not so long ago Iran and Iraq had a major war, millions died on both sides…. civilians that is. Iraq used chemical warfare on their own civilians out of hatred of their religious choices. This war upsets you? I would hate to see the page you make based on the next, modern war between two strong countries. It will make this occupation look like a skirmish.

  3. rac says:

    you are lucky the u.s. and england get involved in world affairs. if we did not your national language would be german or russian right now. you can criticize america all you want but when some country needs help from a neighboring country, a disaster, or needs money, who do they(you) call? you are pathetic, iraqis are killing iraqis, insurgents are killing iraqis. we are trying to protect them and finally give them a voice option like the one you just imposed. I also think iran should have already had something definitively done for hindering efforts and killing un soldiers. iran is the biggest threat to world peace. maybe you should serve in the military, and your country step up a bit and stop being so passive, you only have so many cheeks you can turn. people are dying all around the world because not enough countries are helping. what about darfur, ethiopia, or somalia,,, genicide. use your voice to help..

  4. Juan says:

    Hi ! I am just found your blog and thanks for giving us the chance to share our opinions.

    I am against the war but I have to tell you something. It was good to remove Saddam Hussein from Iraq and had to deal with a civil war that doesn’t have to do with the US (it is about muslim issues between sunni and shia groups).

    I hate war because a lot of people die in the middle. 650.000 deaths are a lot. But can you trust in a mility guy like Saddam Hussein?

    I am Argentinian and Argentina had to deal with a lot of military governments that only produce hate, deaths and poor people. Fortunately now we have democracy which is not perfect but absolutely a lot better than the military ones.

    The military goverments are garbage. They only produre deaths, hate, and wars!!! I hope freedom for Cuba and North-Korea. Authoritanian people can not govern any more. This is not fair. I can see some baby pictures in your blog. I know you can not an authoritanian government for him/her.


  5. Poe Sade says:

    You people need to stop trying to justify the bullshit that the U.S. does. The U.S. doesn’t give a shit one way or the other about its own people why the fuck would they care about other countries? It’s all about greed and politics.

    People who try the old cliche of the World War example, please…..there’s no proof that Hitler had any intentions of traveling across the ocean. Like the bullshit of how the Japanese flew halfway around the globe in order to bomb Pearl Harbor? Right. For all anyone knows it could have been our own military in doctored up planes. The U.S. has always been good at trying to justify everything they do by trying to force feed their own false “righteousness”.

    The U.S. is obsessed with world domination, I mean, every country they go into, they try to change so that it’s more like the U.S. What right does this government have to tell other people what’s good and bad, what should and shouldn’t be. Face it, the U.S. destroys cultures by trying to “westernize” them and this country hardly has any room to preach out against injustice when look at all the horrors happening in our own “backyard”. There’s more murder, rape and cruelty in the U.S. then there is in most any other country in the world.

    My point, ALL governments and ALL politics are greedy, blood thirsty ghouls. Give me a world without governments and I’ll give you a world of peace. Politics ruin everything!

  6. Poe Sade says:

    By the way, how convenient that the soldier hugging the kid just happened to take place in front of a camera. Great propaganda.

  7. islam says:

    How do you do? It is interesting for me today how is Kerbela?because i’m moslem and i’d love to visit Imam Huseyn’s tomb.
    I always try to visit Kerbela but there happening war.I ask for you reply me via e-mail addres\today how is Kerbela? Good bye

  8. islam says:

    is ti possible to visit Kerbela?

  9. Evans says:

    It is ironic that you posted the second picture in the first place because it displays genuine care and sorrow on behalf of that child. Ironically, that soldier would not want to fight this war unless he or she strongly felt that it was to protect these very children. My best friend who is currently stationed in Afghanistan has one of the highest intelligence clearances and he has expressed to me how fallacious the bleeding heart media is. He is the most kind, sensitive and caring person I have ever met, and I highly doubt that he would support a war of hate. There are many things that the media distorts and leave undisclosed. Don’t believe the garbage that the execs in their boardrooms shove down our throats.

    And for Poe – a world without governments is a world without property rights. If there was no governing institution to protect its citizens, you would go out and buy rifles to defend your family and property from thieves and rapists who possessed no inhibitions in committing evil. The government and politics are definitely not perfect. But you blatantly ignore the hell you would go through if there was no government at all. The world would be in even greater chaos. You argument is the weakest and the least empirically verifiable out of any posted thus far.

  10. some "dumb american" girl says:

    I saw the picture you posted with the American soldier crying over the death of that child. How dare you belittle him. Soldiers are sent into a conflict with the firm belief that what they are doing is for the good of others, and that is what they fight for, it may be true that their governments are jockeying for some sort of political of financial gain, but that is not why these young men join the military.
    Most the men and women in the American armed forces today are freshly graduated from high school and are trying to pay their college tuition. Because that is how our government seduces them into joining. Because unlike SOME countries, it costs around $20,000 dollars a year to go to college in America; there is no such thing as free-education in America. Though my God I wish there were. By the time I graduate from my university I will have racked up roughly $80,000 of college loans which I will be expected to start paying off six months after I graduate. Who could blame them for joining the military for the free tuition and room-and-board?
    I may not support my government, by I DO support our boys in the military because they have NO say over where they go so why should we blame them? I’ll be damned if I let some shit-for-brains foreigners, who’ve NO perspective outside of what American hating propaganda their high-horsed, self loving, stereotyping societies have spoon fed them, go without rebuke.

  11. some "dumb american" girl says:

    This post is directed at POE,
    |”My point, ALL governments and ALL politics are greedy, blood thirsty ghouls. Give |me a world without governments and I’ll give you a world of peace. Politics ruin |everything!”

    Listen you ignorant little twat, how about before you go spewing your uneducated, hippie, bullshit Idealist notions about how the world should be, how about getting a job and/or maybe a highschool diploma?

    |”There’s more murder, rape and cruelty in the U.S. then there is in most any other |country in the world.”

    As for your little pissy-fit about how America has the highest homicide and rape rates, next time do a little research before you start screaming at the rain. Here’s a link for your dumb ass. Please, pay careful attention to the dates above each grouping. We’re pretty F-ing far down on the list.

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  13. Brittany says:

    How dare you bash our soldiers. Let me tell you something, when my father was in the military when he was younger they held drills to see how fast the people could get ready to be shiped out to anywhere. One day though, they called for all the soldiers and outside the military base there were trucks loaded with grenades, guns, powder, bullets, gases, the works. They pushed everyone over to the trucks and loaded everyone up with as much amo as they could carry. Then they crowded them into more trucks and brought them to the airport. My dad remembers how much everyone swore they were going somewhere. Thing is, they didn’t know where. We were not at war with Iraq then, so they could be shipped anywhere in this world in just a few hours, and not know where they could end up. They were loaded with live amo knowing that they were gunna have to kill someone with it all. They were scared as shit. A few hours at the airport, and the announcement came on that it was just a drill an everyone could head back to the camp. My father was 22 years old at the time, and in just those few hours, he was more scared than he has ever been, and he has never been so scared since. Thing is though, today in Iraq the same thing is happening, but they are not drills. They are real. There are 18-20 year old kids being shipped off to only God knows where covered with live amo knowing that they are gunna have to kill someone just because that someone is trying to kill them by fighting for what they were told is right. That 18, 19, or 20 year old kid has to live with the image of the face of the ones he killed imprinted n his mind forever…and you know what…they are scared as shit. They don’t know when they are coming home, or if they’ll ever live to get to see America again…so don’t you dare bash them! If you want peace, why don’t you go over there yourself and try preaching it. I’ll give you a day before you are dead! If anything, you should pray for them, not hate them.

  14. Serah says:

    Oh, you have no idea what this country has been through. How can America attack a country, kill hundreds of thousands of people and say that they’re protecting their own country. Brittany, your father killed too many innocent people who had absolutely nothing to do with what was happening to the country. The American soldiers die because of the people there trying to protect themselves and their families. You probably would be too stubborn to know what really is happening, but you should see it with your own eyes to believe it yourself. I know I have.

    I saw it myself, I saw the soldiers pull the trigger on a father trying to protect his son. I saw them both die. Now you tell me that American soldiers are doing what they can to protect their country. How could you not see that? I will bash your soldiers as much as I can. Do you think what they’re doing is right? Can you explain to me what the American soldiers are doing in Iraq? Can you? Why would a suicide bomber want to kill his own people? Don’t be fooled by the lies you hear everyday. Use your own common sense, if you have one that is.

    Jesus Christ, I am absolutely furious to see and hear you people say that you’re not the ones to blame, that these people are dying on their own, that they’re killing themselves. Now you tell me, why would I want to blow up my own house? Why would I want to kill my own family? That blood is on your hands. Not ours.

  15. Serah says:

    Poe Sade makes a really good point. Do you know that the US forced Saudi Arabia and Egypt to stop the making of bread in that country, and to import the bread from USA.

    That means that the cost of bread is going to increase greatly so that the poor who barely could afford the bread can no longer afford it anymore. That also means that millions of people will be forced to die out of starvation each year because of this problem.

    Do you know that 100 million tonnes of extra potatoes is dumped into the ocean every year by the US, just because that would be too much to sell. Imagine that, they could cure world hunger with that much potatoes.

    You’re only hearing one side of the story and is fooled into thinking that this is actually not your fault and you’re the good guys. Even if my own family is pure evil I would know that myself. Why shouldn’t you?

  16. I am in Iraq now.

    I am supposed to be home to my 3 year old son in November.

    I have a dislocated knee, but still run.

    I carry a machine gun to DEFEND my self.

    I have seen a hole in a theatre, that hole was made by a rocket from an IRAQI.

    I have never attacked an Iraqi, never shot at, never spit on, never cursed at an IRAQI

    I have seen them work for us, yes thats right we EMPLOY them.

    I have been served by them, had my hair cut by them.

    I watch my comrades communicate with them like they would to you or I.

    If we were here to destroy a country, take oil, or destroy a religion, why would we give them jobs on our posts? Why would we train them to defend them selves? Why would we learn THEIR language, and teach them ours? How many suicide bomber have you seen in Iraq that were American? It’s only my point of view, which is on the inside looking out, that we are really trying to do something good for these people. Did you know that Iraqi people are not terrorists? Only terrorist organizations take advantage of them because they are poor, and defenseless. Terrorist organizations pay them to bomb us, kill us, and inflitrate us. What can you do to a poor country.

    If you can come up with an idea on how we can help this poor country with out destroying the economy, and government that we Americans are proud to enjoy on a daily basis, then please explain it to us all, so that i no longer have to feed my son from half way around the world. But don’t hate me for what you think i do, because I tell you the truth, if i could save every last man woman and child I honestly would. I would feed the hungry and house the homeless, but for now all i can do is support what i believe is a small hand for a poor land.

    God willing we can learn to forgive others mistakes, and learn to work as one people, because we really only have one planet to live on, and only one chance ( a life time) to fix the problems of the past, but cooperation is necessary, and love is always.

  17. God Bless America says:

    Serah, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. You are citing fictitious bullshit. You are so narrow-minded that you yourself cannot see the truth.
    You bash our soldiers, and you tell people on here that they have no common sense. Not only is it YOU that have no common sense, but you have proven it by saying “if you have one that is.” It should be “if you have any, that is.”

    You are an arrogant and ignorant fool.

  18. Support Our Troops says:

    serah, you are an idiot. Listen to God Bless America

  19. loving_angel003 says:

    I have friend in Baghdad, i know him 4 years ago. According to him their lives are a struggles cause of the war – a 60 years endless war. I was thinking how heartless and selfish America is. They’re killing million of innocent civilians for their personal purposes. I wish Iraq people will live a normal life sooner or later.

  20. Health says:


    […]Iraq: Plus de 650 000 morts depuis 2003 « Le Blog à Vincent\’s Blog[…]…

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