Funny; wink wink honk honk

Below is a funny post from an Aussie looking for  a “travel partner”

Hi all you rockin’ dudes and dudettes out there,

Never fear party man is here!

Me name is Mick (people call me Moose for short) and I’m just ya standard Aussie bloke. No hair gell or eye wrinkle cream for me ya nancies moo ha ha! I kill me!

Anyway, cuttin a long story short, I’m just on ere wonderin if theres any sheilas that might wanna join just ya typical Aussie guy on some trips in/on Europe. I’ve come over to the ‘Mother Land’ on me own after splittin up with me missus of ten years back home (I’m 24) and reckon its ’bout time to party party party. I love goin to Aussie theme pubs and gettin down and dirty to all kinds of tunes – Tom Jones is awesome and so is Jo. (Cocker that is Moo ha ha!).

I want to go to France, Italy, Spain and probably Amsterdan (wink wink honk honk) and reckon probably a couple of days in each will do the trick. If anyone else knows any other good countries in Europe might as well give em a go, I’m easy anyway.

Basically if ya keen and cool call me.

PS – no party poopers need apply! Chicks only, no older than 21. Thanks. See ya when I’m lookin at ya.

Hey to everyone back home in Tassie


Merci Achou!


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