San-Francisco. I did leave my heart there ;)

I just came back from a week in San-Francisco. What a city! I have to say it must be one the coolest cities I have ever had the chance to visit. It actually felt like Montreal but with a great climate and a beautiful bay setting. It has the same relaxed, open, multicultural atmosphere. Gay pride parade is actually this weekend …too bad I’m missing it. I can only imagine the party. I have dozens of movies that I will post when I come back from my vacation in Croatia. Meanwhile you can enjoy more pics here.


Here are the lyrics to the famous song: I Left My Heart In San Francisco, by Frank Sinatra.

I saw the picture of Andre The Giant on a parking meter… I had NO idea what this was. But I just had to take a picture. It’s actually an art movement. Via Wikipedia



19 Responses to San-Francisco. I did leave my heart there ;)

  1. Ian says:

    Dude, I lived for six years in the Bay Area and could never find out what that damn OBEY/Andre the Giant thing was. I heard lots of theories, though. Ironic now that I live in Paris, a QUEBECOIS fills me in… I am ashamed, so square!

    Call me Ian the Osterich.

  2. mutiny says:

    The only place in the American continent (North and South) I have been to is SF. Loved the city, people and BART :)

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