Selling Your Creations Online

These great watercolors are from Zu Ponca. You can buy them on eBay. Her best stuff is not even online yet ;)

I was reading a post on Seth Godin's blog and was surprised by how fast you can create something (clips, movies, paintings, ecolo handbags, podiobooks…) and find people that will be interested in buying, listening, watching and reading.

Isn't this a bit like being able to live again from "artisanat"? Away from the industrial machines…? Technology is making it possible to live in Pondichéry and sell your stuff in LA. Paypal makes it very easy for the money to be sent straight to your bank account.

I wish I had the creative side to be able to sell something. I'm sure we all have hobbies that could "sell".

Internet has had this promise for years now… but easy tools are now making it possible to actually take advantage of it.

GO and create!


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