Hookers….for online gamers


Kissi Takashi is the one you can see above.

here's a review from a online gamer.

thehaysta – 04/25/2006 4 of 5 Stars!
Kissi is really great. She had a few typos here and there but she was typing so much that it didnt matter. She can come up with some really great stuff and is really fun. She would do want you wanted but had her own suggestions. She was kinda expensive but worth it. I really reccomend her. After we wer done she wanted to get to know me, witch was nice. She is very nice. And last but not least she is smokin hot!

I can't help but imagine the "real" people behind those. Could be your uncle Bob passing as Skittles Lollipop.


2 Responses to Hookers….for online gamers

  1. sam says:

    will u talk dirty to me

  2. Skittles Lollipop says:

    Ummm… I just googled my name and found this entry! I assure you I’m not your Uncle Bob. But I might have shagged him :p

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