Web 2.0…Ajax…. now I understand.

I can't believe I'm so LATE to get to this info. The geeks amongst you will enjoy.

Web 2.0 explained:
"The biggest challenges in creating Ajax applications are not technical. The core Ajax technologies are mature, stable, and well understood. Instead, the challenges are for the designers of these applications: to forget what we think we know about the limitations of the Web, and begin to imagine a wider, richer range of possibilities.
It’s going to be fun."

adaptive path » ajax: a new approach to web applications

Web 2.0 and or Ajax examples: flickr, google maps, google suggest, gmail, digg, reddit, del.icio.us etc…

Bref, le web est plus raide… pas à cause de la bande passante, mais comment on fabrique les applications sur le web. Moins de temps d'attente pour les utilisateurs ouvre les portes à beaucoup de nouveautés. Le web va ressembler\réagir de plus en plus comme nos PC.


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