Juge Robert: la plainte du Bloc rejete

Juge Robert: la plainte du Bloc rejete


Pour entendre les propos en question:

au centre, à droite aller sur :" Appelé à préciser sa pensée à l'émission Sans frontières, le juge Robert a tenu à atténuer ses propos. " = « Moi, je n'ai rien contre quelqu'un qui veut changer le système canadien en un autre système, il est parfaitement libre de le faire, a-t-il dit. Mais je ne pense pas qu'il devrait exercer des fonctions judiciaires. »

If this is not a reason to fire this man….. I'm not sure what should be. Listen to this guy trying to pick up the pieces after… this is excellent. I wonder why this decision was made during the summer… when no one cares about this. This is simply ridiculous.

Imagine if these words were said of other Canadian minorities. I’m sure their lobby groups would have screamed REALLY loud against this. I’m not sure why this has not made people go in the streets. If anybody had, I think most people would have said these were extremists Quebecers….. I understand Canada is a peaceful country and we rarely see people protesting but this is incredible. But what is justified ? What is la Societé St-Jean Baptist doing against this ? What are the québécois lobby groups doing about this ? Do we have any? What is le PQ doing against this.


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