Smog, heat and packing

My last couple of days here in Montréal before making the move to Paris. Can’t wait to get there. The smog covering the city is making it hard to do everything. I miss the air-conditioning days….I hope Bob is enjoying his cool apartment. Not sure if this will last longer. I hope not. I need to pack and I'm not finding energy to fight this heat and humidity. (38 celcius and a smog alert…)Makes me think about global warming and its TRUE impact. Is global warming a natural cyclical effect or is it a man made catastrophe to worry about? Would the answer to this question make us change our habits? I’m not so sure we would all invest in green mutual funds if we could, knowing it would help global warming.


2 Responses to Smog, heat and packing

  1. csilla says:

    Nice, sunny, with a light breeze…….Hungary… sorry Vincent, I am trying to send you some nice weather from here, but it takes some time, so patience..
    See you in Paris.. in just 2 days…

  2. coolrider99 says:

    salut vince cest rux,
    jessais de tenvoyer des messages ici mais jdois etre trop dump ou quoi..en tout cas..
    juste pour te dire que ta place est réservée sur l,équipe de hhhoockey sur glace.
    Defenseur droit ou gauche?–>

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