Audrey Hepburn with big hat, Paris When It Sizzles, 1963

June 17, 2009

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BUSH Impeachement HEARING Vincent Bugliosi Hammers BUSH

July 26, 2008

This guy lets it loose……..They try to shut him up…..several times. A must see!!!!

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Athene on Youtube…. Interesting Phenomenon

July 13, 2008

I have RSS feeds to see the weekly most viewed, most commented etc… for Youtube. I consistently see these guys. Every week they must get around 1 millions views and more then 100 000 youtube users have subscribed to their videos.

– “A reality web-series about true pro gaming”.

– They were interviewed by the LA Times and called “One of Youtube’s biggest hit factories”

– Athene is a Dutch speaking Belge with an interesting English accent.

– Athene seems to be one of the best players of World of Warcraft in the world (Best Paladin at least)

– He uses excellent video titles and use thumbnails of his girlfriend in sexy positions to attract attention/views.

– Content is WEIRD. From sex, lots of swearing, to gaming tips, to his family members, to internet neutrality….You may think the guy is on coke…. but I don’t think he is. He’s very hyper active, uses gamer talk like “I will “poon” all you noobs”. I think it means “I’ll kick all new comers ass”.

So far you may think this is normal…. but they also created a community called “i-Power”:

I Power is a lifestyle based on 3 principles:

1. Being open-minded
2. Active thinking
3. Putting your vision into practice

They were also involved in Belge politics.

From Wikipedia:

NEE (Dutch for no) is a political protest group, trying to provide an alternative for voters who are unhappy with all political parties at hand in Belgium.

The NEE party was founded in 2005 in Antwerp. The idea of the protest party grew in a group of young people, who felt that their local community lost confidence in the Belgian politicians and their intentions. NEE first participated in the municipal elections of 2006 and ran for a second time in the 2007 Belgian general election.

The members of the NEE group went in a non-political direction after the 2007 elections, working on a movie project,[1] and a fictional suicide blog,[2] among other activities. It’s unclear if returning to political activity is planned.

NEE attracted international attention when its lead candidate for the Senate in the 2007 Belgian general election, Tania Derveaux, posed naked in an ad that promised to create 400,000 jobs . The ad was intended as a parodic attack on other parties that made claims about job creation that NEE considered ridiculous. According to the NEE website, she received back requests not for jobs, but for blowjobs. In return, NEE posted advertisements and a form on its website offering the opportunity to subscribe for one of the 40,000 blowjobs Tania will offer.

Eventually the promised blowjobs were given out virtually, by posting a video clip on Youtube. An actress, Lin Chong, entitled as Tania’s blowjob assistant, made gestures in the video as if she was performing oral sex on the viewer.

I find this interesting because it’s extremly popular, very entertaining and they advocate positive attitude “malgré tout”. I find it interesting… because it’s hard to say why he’s so popular. He has a certain style.  I find it interesting because I watch all his vids… but I have no idea why I’m interested. I just feel like it’s a NEW phenomenon.  I’m not sure what it is… but…it’s a mix of teenage rants getting access to broadcasting technology (youtube) with a very good sense of what sells online. They are very skilled business men. But I don’t think they do it so much for the money. I’m not even sure they make money.

Take a look:

Uncensored psychopath rage

How This Blog Almost Died

July 13, 2008

Having kids

Moving to a new country

New employer with a very resctrictive IT policy….Wordpress is blocked.

Facebook has somehow satisfied my thirst to share….the status feature keeps me happy. I can share with friends and I know what’s up in Qc.

I might be back….

Liens sponsorisés …. et baise matinale

November 26, 2007

une bonne nouvelle du Libé

pub web plus ciblés ?….. ;) doutons-en!

isolation naturelle

La linea :: Sexilinea

November 23, 2007

Funny Indian Condom Ad

November 6, 2007

Un aperçu ….. :)